Coffins & Caskets

Choosing a coffin or casket

A coffin is tapered at the shoulder with a removable lid. A casket is rectangular in shape and has a hinged lid. Whilst a coffin or casket plays a practical role of holding the body of the person who has died, it can also play an important part in the way we memorialise and celebrate the life of a loved one. 

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

Choosing a coffin or casket is an important aspect of arranging a funeral. We therefore offer a wide range of coffins and caskets which vary in many ways, including their shape, construction, design, workmanship, colour and other components, such as the handles and drapery. To make a choice that best meets your family’s needs, our coffins and caskets are grouped into the following categories:


Metal Caskets

Traditionally, a casket is designed with either a half or full-length hinged lid that can be completely raised. Our range of exceptional quality metal ‘American Style’ caskets, offering a distinctive and elegant feel to any funeral arrangement. Our Legacy Tribute metal caskets are made in North America from 48 oz Solid Bronze, 18 Gauge Steel or 20 Gauge Steel.

Solid Wood Caskets

Our Solid Timber caskets are crafted from a selection of high grade Tasmanian Blackwood, Cedar, Jarrah, American Oak, and plantation grown Radiata Pine. The Legacy Tribute range is made in North America from Mahogany, Cherry, Maple, Oak, and Poplar.

Solid Wood Coffins

Our Solid Timber coffins are crafted from a selection of high grade Tasmanian Blackwood, African Sapele, Cedar, American Oak, Jarrah and plantation grown Radiata Pine.

Veneer Coffins

Our Timber Veneered coffins are constructed with timber veneer bonded to Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). This allows us to produce the visual appeal of solid timber at a much lower price. 

Composite Board Coffins

Our Composite Board coffins are constructed with MDF or particleboard and either have a paper veneer, lacquered, or stained finish.

Environmental Coffins & Caskets

Our environmental range utilises renewable resources to limit environmental impact. These caskets and coffins provide a simple design for those seeking a more natural alternative.

Themes Of Life Coffins

Themes of Life offers an extensive range of image coffins for families wanting to add their personal touch. Families can also supply their own images to create a custom design coffin that helps portray a wonderful story. The Themes of Life range of composite board coffins are PVC-Free Vinyl Wrapped MDF, Cremator Friendly and available in cleat or silver plastic handles.

6 Point Protection Plan

We are committed to supplying the best in class coffins that you can rely on. All of our coffins are manufactured to a 6 Point Protection Plan for enhanced structural integrity and greater piace of mind. 


Thicker bases on Coffins and Caskets


Water based glue to ensure strength


Eight screws per coffin for strength


Coffin bases reinforced with staples


Strategically placed timber blocks


Handles secured with bolts and T nuts

Honouring the life of your loved one